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Exhibitors and Exhibition Insurance

Exhibitors  and Exhibition Insurance

Exhibitors and Exhibition Insurance

The most important factor for anyone planning  an event is confidence in the Insurance cover you have purchased. The Assurance that whatever happens, it’s covered.

The smallest hitch could turn a simple event into a total nightmare. It’s likely that it won’t. But what if it does? You need to be sure that everything is taken care of. Just in case.

Indoors or outdoors, exhibition, shows or Arts and Crafts events  we can offer you the perfect cover.


Other covers we can provide

Other covers we can provide.

  • Public Liability Insurance: This covers your Legal liability for claims made against you for accidental bodily injury or loss or damage to property in the course of an insured event. The standard cover is €2,600,000 but we can have this extended up to €10,000,000 if required.
  • Employers Liability Insurance: Covers your legal liability for injury to Employees or Volunteers whilst engaged by you – in relation to the activities agreed to be covered by the insurer.
  • Property Insurance: Cover for loss or damage to property at the insured event(s) and whilst in transit to and from the event. This can cover your own property and property you are legally responsible for such as hired property and venue property.

The above is a summary outline of cover. All policies are subject to terms limits conditions.