About EventInsurance.ie

Event Insurance is the leading Irish website for getting insurance for your event in Ireland.

We make it simple for you to get a quote and to insure your event from the comfort of your own home or office.

EventInsurance.ie is operated Hastings Insurance.

 The site was designed to specifically cater for event operations, big and small, who seek instant, competitive and straightforward online Event Insurance quotes and enable them to purchase reliable policies with ease.

With the possibility of purchasing all event related policies under one roof, eventinsurance.ie is the perfect solution to all your Event Insurance needs and queries.

As a company, we continue to move from strength to strength, as we manage event insurance business for customers all over Ireland, ranging from pop up events and demonstrations to longstanding festivals and fairs.

By choosing to deal with us, you access more than half a century of insurance expertise – which isn’t usually available via the web!

EventInsurance.ie is part of Hastings Insurance, who are specialist Commercial Insurance brokers and whose focus is SME insurance business as well as various niche areas of Business Insurance.

For more information on our other insurance products, please visit www.hastings.ie