Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who needs Event Insurance?

Anyone organizing any event that will be attended by members of the public need Event Insurance. Regardless of the size of the event, you will need some degree of cover, in case any injury or claim arises. Event Insurance is vital to protect you as well as your patrons.

What are the different types of Event Insurance?

The most common type of event insurance, and one which is often required for renting premises, is Public Liability. However, we recognize that there are other unknowns that you might like to ensure your event against. This is why we also offer Cancellation Insurance, Property Cover and Employers Liability. In the unfortunate event that something does go wrong, we’ve got you covered. Find more information about these below!

Where can I buy Event Insurance?

You’ve come to the right place. You can purchase every type of Event Insurance mentioned above on our website. In order to purchase our event insurance policies, fill out the questionnaire below to get a quote. Once you’ve received your customised event insurance quote, you can go ahead and pay online using any major credit or debit card- Easy!

How much does Event Insurance cost?

Each quote is different, depending on the nature of the event, location, projected attendance etc. All of our quotes are competitive, and we strive to find the right cover at the right cost. Our minimum premium for any event is €200.

What does Public Liability cover me for?

Public Liability Insurance covers you for claims made against you for your legal liability for accidental bodily injury or loss or damage to third party property caused by you in the course of an insured event. The standard cover is €2,600,000 but we can have this extended up to €10,000,000 if required.

Do I need Employers Liability?

Employers Liability Insurance Covers your legal liability for injury to Employees or Volunteers whilst engaged by you, in relation to the activities agreed to be covered by the insurer. In Ireland Employers Liability Insurance is not required by law, however it is advised and is common practice to protect both you and your employees.

What does Event Cancellation Insurance protect against?

This can sometimes be known as Abandonment Insurance. This covers you in the event of irrecoverable expenses resulting from cancellation, abandonment, curtailment, or postponement due to circumstances beyond your control.

Is my property covered under Public Liability?

No. Public Liability cover won’t cover you for any damage to property you own. To cover your own property, including equipment, you will also need Property Insurance.
This covers the loss or damage to property at the insured event(s) and whilst in transit to and from the event. This can cover your own property and property you are legally responsible for such as hired property and venue property.

What happens if there’s a claim against me?

Although we love to see our customers’ events succeed without any glitches, accidents happen from time to time. We are here to make the claims process as simple and stress-free as it can be, so you can continue doing what you do hassle-free! When an incident happens you advise our team in Galway immediately and from there we will guide you through the claims process. Depending on what type of cover you’ve chosen the claim can range from a property damage cover claim through to cancellation and/or liability insurance claims.

What can I insure against?

Generally people are looking for Public liability insurance when they land on our site. But there are a number of other covers like Employers liability, Cancellation and even certain property covers that you can buy – See below for more detail!

How close to the event can I get insured?

We can get you a quote and provide you with cover anywhere up until 72 hours of the event in question.

What are the most common claims you deal with?

The most common cause for a claim arises from accidents that occur at the event. We also receive claims regarding damage to property or rented equipment but also we get cancellation event claims for an event that has to be cancelled due to some circumstances outside the organizers control

Cancellation for Covid & Other Communicable diseases

In general cancellation policies do not provide cover for any losses arising from any communicable (or ‘notifiable’) disease which leads to quarantines being imposed, restrictions in the movement of people or animals or travel advisory or warnings being issued by any national or international body or agency.

People who Buy Covers from our site

For Public Liability it’s often a community event organizer , a fund raising organizer, an organization that is arranging a one-off event or a professional event organizer that needs cover for their clients.

For Cancellation Covers it’s often concert promoters and event organizers , band managers, owners of sporting venues or venue owners like concert or exhibition centres.  

The list is not exhaustive as if you stand to be held liable for an injury at the event you organize or stand to lose by the event not being able to take place then you will need one of the covers offered in the Event insurance suite.  

Prize/Promotion Indemnity

This is a cover designed to help event organizers offer promotions and prizes that add a bit of fun and extra excitement to the event they are hosting . This is relevant where a special prize is put up at a charity golf outing, for example for a hole-in-one, or at a casino night on a roll-a-dice – it could even be a crossbar challenges or back to front basketball challenge . We are happy to work with you to create a promotion which fits your budget.