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Public Liability Quote


This covers your legal liability for claims made against you for accidental bodily injury or loss or damage to property in the course of an insured event.

Note: There will be an option to purchase Property Insurance as an add on.

Cancellation and Abandonment Insurance


Cover in respect of irrecoverable expenses for cancellation, abandonment, curtailment or postponement due to circumstances beyond your control.


Property Insurance


In some cases, when you host or run an event, we can cover damage or loss to property you own or have borrowed. Or are responsible for.

This is a cover that needs to be bought in conjunction with other covers such as cancellation or liability covers.

The kind of information we need to quote you on this would be: 

Best Event Insurance Ireland
Standard Property

Value of Equipment owned by you                                                  €

Value of Equipment owned by you                                                  €

Value of equipment borrowed ( where you are responsible )     €

Value of Equipment Hired by you                                                    €

High risk Items

This is electronic equipment, computers and peripherals (not laptops), sound, lighting and recording equipment

Value of Owned or borrowed                                                                                                             

Value of hired in equipment in respect of the above                                                                    €

Higher Risk Items

This is mobile communications, laptop computers and plasma screensThis is mobile communications, laptop computers and plasma screensValue of Owned or borrowed mobile communication equipment  ( laptops /computers /screens et..)  €Value of hired in equipment in respect of the above                                                                                €

Temporary Structures

This is marquees and other temporary structuresThis is marquees and other temporary structuresValue of Owned or borrowed equipment                                                                                                  €Value of hired in equipment                                                                                                                           €

Common Exclusions in Property covers would be

  • Mysterious disappearance or unexplained loss.
  • Jewellery, watches or clothing, personal property, data, precious metals/stones, money.
  • Computers, audio visual equipment, cameras or portable communications equipment or marquees unless agreed by the insurers
  • Loss or damage from vehicles left unattended, unless the vehicle is locked and alarmed and the property is concealed from view wherever possible and, if left overnight, kept in a secure compound or an enclosed building which is securely locked.
  • Theft/loss not reported to the Gardaí
  • Covers for marquees may be limited to Fire only
  • If the replacement cost value of insured property is greater than the values declared to the insurer , you will only be entitled to recover such proportion of the loss or damage as the value declared to the insurers bears to the actual replacement cost of all the
    items insured Policy Deductibles