Looking for one day event insurance in Ireland? Welcome to EventInsurance.ie, the dedicated Irish website for all of your event insurance needs.

About EventInsurance.ie

This website was set up by Galway based insurance specialists, Burke Insurances Ltd. Burke Insurances Ltd. have 54 years experience in the insurance industry and specialise in event insurance. Therefore, this website was developed to cater for our customers like you seeking to insurance your events.

What Events do we Insure?

We insure a range events including:

How much does event insurance cost?

There is no one answer to this question as a range of factors are taken into consideration when calculating your insurance premium. Factors such as the type of event and the exact activities that will be taking place.

For example, a flower show will have a lower premium than a show involving pyrotechnics and fireworks where the risk is higher.

The price is also affected by the level of indemnity you choose. We offer limits of indemnity of:

  • €2,600,000
  • €6,500,000
  • €10,000,000

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